Looking for solutions for your dental problems that are different from what other restorative dentists offer?

We have unique expertise that has documented success over decades — even with the most difficult full mouth cases imaginable. Because our approach to restorative dentistry is different from what is currently taught in most dental schools, we can provide treatment options that are rarely offered and that often avoid dental implants.

We have the ability to:

  • Save “Hopeless” teeth — teeth that most restorative dentists would extract in favor of implants. This includes teeth that are flush with the gum — and we save these teeth without posts (that often cause root fractures) or “buildups”!
  • Create permanent and temporary Crowns and Bridgework that do not fall out. Crown and bridgework that falls out can leak and decay. Our restorations are made on the model of the Mason Jar cover — the best-known method of food preservation. As a result, recurrent decay around restorations is a rarity.
  • Fabricate Double-Tilt Precision Attachment Partial Dentures. For Greater Phoenix Area patients who cannot restore their dental arches with fixed bridgework, we create removable restorations that do not fall out, do not need powder or paste, do not show unsightly hooks and are worn 24 hours a day. These cases are accurate to .0001″ and require minimal maintenance — even after decades of continuous wear. These cases also last longer than any other type of case, and they are well documented in Dr. Feinberg’s textbook.
  • Create Unique Implant Restorations. We take extra care to design implant restorations that screw into the implants rather than cement over them. As a result, we have better control over potential problems that might develop in the future.
  • Restore an entire arch of teeth with only 3 implants. This kind of case is not a denture that snaps over the implants. It has proven success for over 26 years. Patients can bite into anything. There is minimal surgery, since the implants are placed in the most predictable areas for success. Bone grafts and sinus lift surgeries are rarely required! Less than 1% of dental offices in the entire country can offer this type of case to patients.
  • Offer Options for Greater Phoenix Area Patients who Cannot Have Sophisticated Dentistry. We help patients who cannot have extensive dentistry. These patients are often turned away because many practitioners don’t know what to do for them. We believe in saving teeth as long as possible and that gradual transitions are kinder than drastic changes. We have seen miracles happen during the past 70 years with this approach. We always strive to ensure that patients do not have to worry about walking around without teeth.

Not all restorative dentists do what we do!

Many Greater Phoenix Area patients do not realize that just because they were told that teeth have to be extracted does not necessarily mean that someone else cannot save them. Restorative Dental practitioners have different levels of expertise. The amateur practitioner commonly follows a piecemeal approach to dentistry that only considers filling a hole or a space. This approach has been heavily promoted by insurance companies and is often not in the best interest of the patient’s overall oral health. By contrast, an expert follows an overall approach that takes into account overall health as well as potential problems that may arise in the future. A carefully considered treatment plan includes a contingency for managing weak or uncertain areas so that future problems do not jeopardize the success of the entire treatment. We believe patients deserve this kind of thinking — especially if they are reaching financially to have restorative dentistry. But finances are not the only consideration — just as important is what treatment patients will have to sit through.

We can help restore your smile!

We start our initial consultation by listening to a patient’s story without preconceived ideas or judgments. The story provides important clues to the overall diagnosis and best treatment option. We spend a great deal of time educating patients about dental health. Part of our thorough examination is taking the time to come up with customized treatment that’s right for each patient. It is our goal to eliminate dental problems and we want to see patients enjoy dental health for a lifetime.

Dr. Edward Feinberg practices restorative dentistry at Lake Pleasant Dentistry in Peoria Arizona, just a short drive from anywhere in the Greater Phoenix Area.