Prevention with brushing teethRegular oral hygiene visits are an important strategy in maintaining oral health for two reasons.

First, elimination of plaque and calculus greatly reduces the risk of inflamed gums and periodontal bone loss. There is evidence that poor oral hygiene can affect systemic, or overall, health as well. (See Mouthing Off)

Second, regular examinations often allow correction of minor problems before they become major ones. Some systemic conditions have oral manifestations that can be identified. For this reason patients are examined by both the Doctor and the Hygienist at every hygiene appointment.

Because each patient may have different factors that predispose them to bone loss, every periodontal diagnosis and treatment strategy is unique. Our goal is to create a preventative program that will most effectively address individual needs. The first visit will include a periodontal history and evaluation in which the health of the gums, bone and oral tissues are assessed. Abnormalities in oral tissues are thoroughly investigated.

Brushing for preventionUnless extensive periodontal or emergency therapy is required, treatment starts with hygiene. Regular hygiene is the most important means of maintaining a healthy mouth. Our hygiene expert has the latest equipment and strategies for home care as well as in-office treatment. The frequency of hygiene visits varies between two and four times a year, and most patients fall somewhere in the middle.

The health of the oral tissues is reassessed at every hygiene visit and a full series of X-Rays is taken every two years to determine if changes have occurred in the bone and roots. At each hygiene visit, the patient is examined for areas that might lead to decay or periodontal problems. Early decay can be treated conservatively with sealants or small fillings; extensive decay usually requires more extensive restorative treatments that may include root canal therapy.(Read more about x-rays…)

Proper Patient Hygiene: Brushing and Flossing

Brushing Basics


Proper Flossing