The Philosophy Behind Our Practice

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Comprehensive Options

Patients have options for dental treatment and we believe that you deserve to know about them; options for patients who are candidates for sophisticated dentistry and options for those who are not. We save teeth that most practitioners are quick to extract and we frequently offer alternatives to patients who have been told they need implants but do not want them. We believe in saving teeth first.

A caring professional must never forget his true purpose—to do right by you, the patient. We offer patients a comprehensive approach to oral health that takes into account overall health. This approach is quite different from the conventional piecemeal approach that only considers filling a hole or a space. The approach begins with listening carefully to your story without preconceived ideas or judgments. When you tell your story, you provide important clues to your diagnosis and best choice of treatment options.

Built-in Contingency Planing

We believe that optimal dental treatment must take into account potential problems that may arise in the future. We strive to incorporate a contingency for managing weak or uncertain areas in our treatment plans so that future problems do not jeopardize the success of the entire treatment. As Dr. Jerome Groopman commented in his book How Doctors Think: “Taking uncertainty into account can enhance a physician’s therapeutic effectiveness, because it demonstrates his honesty, his willingness to be more engaged with his patients, his commitment to the -reality of the situation rather than resorting to evasion, half-truth, and even lies. And it makes it easier for the doctor to change course if the first strategy fails, to keep trying. Uncertainty sometimes is essential for success.”

You deserve this kind of thinking—especially if you are reaching financially to have sophisticated dentistry. Finances are not the only consideration—just as important is how much treatment you will have to sit through and how long that treatment will last. We want your dental care to be pleasant, painless and deliver results that are truly long lasting.
We know that while quick fixes may seem convenient, they often fail in the long run. Dentistry is expected to hold up for many years in harsh conditions 24 hours a day: subjected, under water and bathed in bacteria, to continual forces. Only a precision approach to dentistry, one which demands that each step is conducted meticulously and that no steps are skipped, can deliver a high percentage of success.

Proven Methods

We know that this is so because our office has documented the outcomes of crown and bridgework patients for 64 years with more than 100,000 pictures and X-Rays. On these patients all of the teeth were handled with the exact same precision approach. Follow-up over decades demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that our precision techniques offer patients the best chance that their dentistry will prevent disease and last for many years in health. Precision dentistry is the best investment that anyone can make for themselves, and it is always cheapest in the long run.

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